In the current economic scenario, the task of managing people is a gigantic one. Companies want the employees to give maximum output and they don’t want to pay much too. This is where a person with Advanced HR Generalist Training Course steps in. When you complete our HR Practical Training Program, you will be a valuable resource who helps companies to retain the best people.

We will make sure that you learn about every aspect of human resource management, be it legalities related to HR Payroll Processing, compensation management, staffing, performance management, training & development or industrial relations. Our efforts will be to ensure that you become an expert in your field and beat all others during an interview for HR generalist by answering all the questions flawlessly.

A team of experts has brainstormed the content of this course after understanding what the corporates expect from individuals wishing to be HR Generalists. We also make valuable additions to this course to enable you to learn all the dynamics related to human resource management.

To know more about this wonderful course, connect with any of our team members and they will guide you on why this.

Module 1 - ESI ACT & PF ACT

1. ESI-Act
2. Eligibility
3. Contributions From Both Employee & Employer
4. Filing( Monthly & Half Yearly)
5. Calculations
6. Filling The Forms
7. Benefits

Module 2 - Gratuity Act & Bonus Act

1. Coverage & Eligibility
2. Calculations
3. Tax Exemptions Limit
4. Compensation And Benefits

Module 3 - Payroll Processing

1. The pay structure
2. Leave management (CL, EL, SL, and ML)
3. Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical allowance, Lunch allowance etc
4. ESI, PF Calculations
5. Calculation of Gross , Net salary & CTC
6. Preparation of Break- up salary, Designing CTC and salary break up and discussion on Compensation and benefits

Module 4 - Tax Planning For Salaried Emp

1. PT- Slab Process
2. TDS (Salaried People)
3. Slab Process of TDS
4. Calculation of TDS for Men, Women, Senior Citizens
5. Education Cess
6. Routine Tax Planning
7. Tax Exemptions Under different Sections

Module 5 - MS Excel & Advance Excel

1. PF report in excel sheet
2. ESI report in excel sheet
3. Professional report tax
4. MIS reports in excel sheet
5. Pivot table, goal seek
6. Auto & advanced filters
7. V-Lookup , H-lookup
8. Splits and freeze panes
9. And lots more to prepare MIS Reports

Module 6 - Performance Management System

1. Key aspect /phases of PMS
2. How to set target?
3. How to prepare competency mapping
4. How to design a PMS system?
5. PMS Audit, what is the need for PMS audit
6. Reward & Recognition System

Module 7 - Training & Development

1. On what basis training is provided?
2. To whom training is being provided?
3. Training Need Analysis
4. Training Module Design
5. Preparation of Training Calendar
6. Training Feedback analysis
7. Training Budgeting.

Module 8 - Organizational Development

1. What is Employee Engagement?
2. Why Policies, steps to frame policy HR?

Module 9 - HR Policy

1. Sexual Harassment Policy
2. Work Practice Policy
3. Employee Relations Policy
4. Business Ethics & Conduct
5. Company e- mail Policy
6. Performance Appraisal Systems Policy

Module 10 - Business HR

1. What are contributions of HR from business perspective?
2. Process for evaluation of costing of one’s job
3. On what basis a new position is created
4. How to design SOP
5. Methods for controlling attrition rate
6. What is employee budgeting and man power planning?

Module 11 - HR Generalist & Legal Compliance

1. Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure
2. ER Management
3. Exit Interviews
4. Attrition Issues
5. Effective Retention Policies

Module 12 - Disciplinary Action/Termination/Misconduct

1. What’s Disciplinary Action?
2. Definition of Misconduct/Violation of code of conduct
3. Preparations of Show cause notice/charge sheet
4. Domestic Inquiry

Module 13 - Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition)

1. Definition
2. Different Clauses
3. Procedure to be followed
4. Register to be maintained

Module 14 - Trade Union

1. Definition
2. Condition/Clause
3. Function
4. Benefits and Drawbacks

Module 15 - Factory Act

1. Health Register-(Related document and file maintenance)
2. Safety – (Related document and file maintenance)
3. Welfare-(Related document and file maintenance)
4. Working Hours of Adult-(Related document and file maintenance)
5. Employment of Yong Person – (Related document and file maintenance)

Module 16 - 5’s

1. Benefit’s & Approaches
2. Tangible Result & Implementation
3. Rules & Links

Module 17 - Recruitment & Selections

1. End-to-End Recruitment process & Head Hunting
2. Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Naukri with Sourcing Methodologies, Screening, Short-listing of resume
3. Interview Skills & How to conduct Interview

PROFESSIONAL BENEFIT (End to End Career Solutions)

1. For all trainees CV revision will be done in a professional approach with placement support
2. After CV revision if you forward the revised CV to any company, it will be shortlisted on priority basis
3. Post training support provided regarding any hr issues during working period

Regular Batch: 6 week, (2 hrs)

Weekend Batch: 12 Sunday (3 hrs)

Fast Track: 7 days

Duration : 6 Weeks 2 hrs. daily

Eligibility : 12th+ Having basic knowledge of Computer

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