VBA is “Visual Basic for application”. It is a very powerful programming language that allows users to program macros to accomplish complex task within an application like Excel. With VBA for Excel you can develop small procedures (macros) that will make you professional life easier and allow you to do more in less time.

Using VBA you can accomplish a very complex task in Excel within very few minutes.VBA is very useful for client oriented work, for accountants, production, planners, production supervisor, sales people, financial analysts and other business data analysts. Complex analysis of data can be completed easily without any manual errors in very less time.

Module 1- Links to other applications

1. Referencing other applications
2. Instantiating objects
3. Writing inter-application code

Module 2 - File System Objects

1. Referencing File System Objects
2. Working with files and folders

Module 3 - File Dialogs

1. Using File Dialogs
2. Allowing multiple selection

Module 4 - Working with text files

1. Avoiding using INPUT/OUTPUT
2. Reading and writing text files

Module 5 - Linking to data (*)

1. ADO or Access Database Engine
2. Referencing the right library
3. Opening and using recordsets

Module 6 - Arrays

1. Creating and populating arrays
2. Dynamic arrays
3. The PRESERVE keyword

Module 7 - Passing arguments

1. ByRef and ByVal
2. Using optional arguments
3. Using Param Array

Module 8 - Advanced programming ideas (*)

1. Using functions in code
2. Recursive programming
3. Enumerations

Module 9 - Working with shapes (*)

1. Adding shapes
2. Positioning shapes
3. Formatting shapes

Regular Batch: 15-18 Sessions* (1.5hrs)

Weekend Batch: 12-13 Sessions*(2hrs)

Fast Track: 03-05 Days*(3.5hrs)

Eligibility : 12th+ Having basic knowledge of Computer

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