Web Designing Training

This web development training provides an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.This course helps students/ professionals gain basic & Expertise level HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery programming skills. Define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well-structured applications.

Program Objective & Benefits
Learn how to use Visual Studio/open source to create and run a Web application
Learn the new features of HTML, and create and style HTMLpages
Learn to add interactivity to an HTML page by using JavaScript and JQuery
Learn to send and receive data to and from a remote data source by using XMLHTTPRequest objects and jQuery AJAX operations
Learn to style HTML pages by using CSS3
Learn to create well-structured and easily-maintainable JavaScript code
Learn to create Web applications that support offline operations
Learn to add advanced graphics to an HTML page by using Canvas elements, and by using and Scalable Vector Graphics

Training Program: Web Design Expert (WDE)
Stage-1 : Introduction to Web Design
Principles of Web Design
Creating Buttons, Icons, Illustrations
Designing Website Templates
Designing banners

Stage-2 : Website Design
Introduction to website designing

Stage-3 : Interactive Websites
Creating Banners, Gif Animations
Image Galleries
CBT’s, Cd Presentations
Creating Flash Animated Websites
Creating Dynamic Websites

Stage-4 : Introduction to Basic Programming
Java Script
Overview of dotNet & PHP platform

Stage-5 : Specialization
Website Design
Basic Flash Interactive Websites

Batch Details :
Regular Batch : 2 Month
Weekend Batch : 12 Sundays
Fast Track : 7-10 days (Full Time Class)

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