PHP Expert Training

PHP is open source. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page.PHP is a computer scripting language.Originally designed for producing dynamic web pages, it has evolved to include a command line interface capability and can be used in standalone graphical applications.PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.It generally runs on a web server, taking PHP code as its input and creating web pages as output.It can be deployed on most web servers and on almost every operating system and platform free of charge.

Program Objective & Benefits
Identify PHP syntax, Create PHP scripts, Send data to the Web browser, Create PHP scripts using multiple files ,Display and handle HTML forms within a single PHP script ,Send email from a PHP script, Normalize a database into First, Second and Third Normal Forms, Search a database using joins, groupings, and FULLTEXT searches, Create indexes to improve the ability to search a database, Modify specific scripts to allow for secure data transmission, Update database records using PHP scripts, Adjust behavior for server settings ,Paginate query results ,Make sortable displays ,Prevent forms from being submitted multiple times, Validate form data, Manage database encryption and decryption technique.

Training Program: PHP Expert
Stage-1 : Introduction to PHP
Origin of PHP
Why PHP better then other programming languages
How it works with web-server.
Different tags for PHP

Stage-2 : Expressions and variables in PHP
Different Variables for PHP
How to use global variables
Session variable in PHP
Regular Expression in PHP
How to implement variables and expression in PHP

Stage-3 : PHP operators
Different operators in PHP
How to use operators
Bitwise, Array, String, logical operators

Stage-4 : Functions in PHP
User-defined functions
Function arguments
Returning values
Built-in functions

Stage-5 : Control structure in PHP
Different control statement
If statement
Else statement
Elseif statement
Switch statement
Looping statement
Break statement
Continue statement

Stage-6 : String in PHP
Manipulation of string
Changing string to array
Changing array to string

Stage-7 : File System in PHP
Creation and deletion of files
Reading and writing of files
How to work with regular expression
Matching patterns
How to create folder and delete folder

Stage-8 : Sessions and cookies in PHP
How to set cookies with PHP
Deleting cookies
Start, store and destroy session
How to use isset function

Stage-9 : Mysql database handling with PHP
Introduction of mysql database
Mysql features and advantages
Connection with mysql database
Insert, update and delete query in mysql database
Displays results

Stage-10 : Classes and objects in PHP
Importance of classes and objects in PHP
Creating variables and functions for a class
Using functions with object
Abstract classes
Static methods and properties

Batch Details :
Regular Batch : 45 Days
Weekend Batch : 12 Sundays
Fast Track : 5-10 days (Full Time Class)

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